The Party

Swaraj India is a Political Party with a mission to usher in probity, transparency, and accountability in electoral politics. Swaraj India was founded on 2nd October 2016.

Today, the founding values of our republic are under threat. Democracy, Diversity and Dialogue is under attack, ironically by the ones who are entrusted to safeguard these values. The very idea of India is under a challenge. Sadly, there is no political force that has the vision and the will to take on this challenge. Swaraj India has taken up the challenge to fill up this vacuum.


What is different about the Party?

  • In a world where political parties are today being run by stale ideologies of the past, dangerous and divisive policies or purely on the basis of ad hoc populism, SWARAJ INDIA stands for a vision of 21st century India, contained in a document named Swaraj Darshan.
  • At a time when political parties are afflicted by the malaise of Personality Cult and centralization of power, SWARAJ INDIA has decided that the Party shall be governed by collective leadership through an organizational model of “Presidium” as the highest decision-making body.
  • At a time when all national parties are governed by Delhi durbar, the Constitution of SWARAJ INDIA has with deliberate care created a federal structure for decentralized decision making, where the state units and districts units will have adequate say and authority.
  • SWARAJ INDIA has decided that there will be freedom of expression within the Party at all levels and dissent will be accorded respect and space.
  • SWARAJ INDIA has decided to voluntarily come under the RTI act and has announced a Public Information Officer to that effect. This is unique in the backdrop of continuous resistance from all political parties in India to come under the purview of RTI act.
  • SWARAJ INDIA has decided that its candidate selection process will be one step forward in use of transparent and innovative methods based on participatory mechanisms such as primaries, the decision of members.
  • SWARAJ INDIA has decided that apart from motions that can cause to the fall of a government, the legislators of the Party will not be subject to “whip”. This arises out of conviction and belief that parliament and assemblies should allow pure debate, discussion and dissent in the true spirit of democracy and freedom of speech.